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Plant Pathology: Taking you further than you ever imagined.

12,197 views 1 year ago
In the quest to create a sustainable future, some paths are more direct...more profound...and more tuned-in to discovering the roots of the serious problems that need to be solved. And with the next generation seeing world population swell from 7 to 9 billion people, how will we sustainably increase our food, fiber and fuels using less land and fewer resources? One word: plants. And healthy plants are key. But plants get sick, too. And when disease strikes, disaster can quickly follow. That's why it's more important than ever that today's brightest and best choose their course wisely...and explore new paths that get to the root of some of the most critical problems. For those with insight...for those ready to make an impact, plant pathology is a path that can take you further than you'd ever imagined, or exactly where you'd like to be.

Learn about Plant Pathology through this exciting educational video. This video targets undergraduates in biology and related majors with limited agricultural background, and is available for use in classroom settings, on organization websites, on display at career fairs. You can also share it with your colleagues, the opportunities are endless.

To find out more about how to spread the word visit the American Phytopathological Society's website. www.apsnet.org

APS also has significant outreach resources. If this video piques your interest, check out our other tools for teach and growing plant pathology. http://www.apsnet.org/membe... Show less
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