Patrick Dixon Futurist Keynote Speaker for Industry Conference

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Patrick Dixon Futurist Keynote Speaker for Industry Conference

Take Hold of Your Future, leadership, innovation, motivation. Conference Keynote Speaker - InnoTown

12,020 views 1 year ago
Patrick Dixon has been ranked one of world's 20 most influential business thinkers, Futurist keynote speaker at 60 conferences a year. 5 million video views on global trends, leadership, strategy, innovation. Global clients include Google, Microsoft, BP, UBS, Siemens, General Electric, AT&T. This video covers: future consumers, multichannel marketing, digital innovation, mobile banking, future of European union, France, Germany Greece and Spain. Why the future is about emotion. Future growth strategy. Risk management and how to manage uncertainty. Future of call-centres and customer service. Why consumers are getting impatient. How to win customer loyalty and customer engagement. Future of sustainable business, green technology, alternative energy, solar power, wind power and strategies to tackle global warming. Examples of innovation in technology, customer experience and customer relationship management. Secret of all leadership, management, motivation and business transformation. Keynote presentation at INNOTOWN conference by Futurist Patrick Dixon. Show less
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Future of marketing, advertising, online social networks - videos by Futurist conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon, author of Futurewise and Building a Better Business - better management, marketing and motivation - http://www.globalchange.com

Future of Banking Speaker - industry trends keynote on banks Play

http://www.globalchange.com/banking Future of banking, banks, financial services trends. how banking will change: investment banking, retail banking, institutional banking, wholesale banking, corporate banking. Investment and fund management, pension funds, retail funds and insurance market. Consumers and customer lifestyle changes. Regulation and compliance, risk management. Hedge funds. Videos by conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon, watch lectures on banking trends.

Future of Insurance Industry Speaker - Futurist keynote Play

Future insurance trends: home insurance, car insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, health and medical insurance. Public liability. Balancing premium with risk. Claims history and call centre claims management. Customer relationship management, renewal rates and premium calculations. Impact of aggregators and online insurance price comparison. Underwriters and underwriting risks, reinsurance market. Wholesale and retail insurance market. New insurance products and services. Conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon, Futurist trends applied to insurance industry.

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Innovation in manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, biotech, nanotech, genetics, health care, pharma, banking, marketing, selling, real estate construction, insurance. Keynotes by Futurist Patrick Dixon, author of Futurewise and SustainaAgility.

Future of Biotechnology - biotech and pharmaceutical industry, health care trends and future of medical research - Futurist keynote speaker Play

health, pharmaceuticals, drug development, innovation, genetics, genes, biotech, biotechnology - conference keynote speaker and Futurist author Patrick Dixon videos on biotechnology. Drug development pipeline.

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Manufacturing, manufacturers, production, raw materials, assembly lines, factories, product design, research and development, innovation. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Patrick Dixon

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Futurist keynote speaker Patrick Dixon, author of SustainAgility - on wide range of issues relating to the environment, global warming, climate change, green technology innovation and future of energy industry. Sustainagility is about how smart innovation and agile business will help protect the world, in practical ways and at affordable cost. Sustainagility is the title of a new book by Patrick Dixon, Chairman of Global Change Ltd and Johan Gorecki, Founder and CEO of Globe Forum, published by Kogan Page. Sustainagility book is packed full of practical examples on every page of how different companies are going green - and making extra profits by doing so. Book is based on detailed research, industry experience and practical insights. Doing the right thing for the planet, local communities, customers and shareholder. Sustainagility describes the $40 trillion green technology boom: winners and losers in the race to develop new greener products and services. Sustainagility covers the future of energy, manufacturing, cities, transport, food, forests, water. Discover hundreds of facts that will change how you think about the future.
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