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YouTube Fuels Consumer Electronics Purchasing Decisions | Pixability

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http://pixvid.me/pixCEstudy Guiding a prospective customer through the consumer electronics purchasing process has changed. Consumers are shifting their brand research away from magazine and online reviews and blog posts, and towards YouTube videos. Hands-on review, unboxing videos, stress tests, and other types of YouTube videos are fueling purchases of smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and more.

Pixability, one of the world's top video marketing companies, has harnessed their Big Data YouTube marketing technology to analyze YouTube's consumer electronics ecosystem. This 52-page study highlights the success stories and shortcomings of consumer electronics brands across YouTube. Taking into account the full YouTube experience, from video libraries, to discoverability, to user sentiment, Pixability uncovers surprising findings and reveals effective YouTube marketing strategies.

Is your consumer electronics brand approaching video marketing the right way? Download a free copy of Pixability's consumer electronics study, "Electronics and YouTube: How YouTube Is Changing Consumer Behavior and How the Best Brands Adapt", by clicking the link above.

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Consumer Electronics on YouTube Play

Consumer electronics videos on YouTube are now capturing nearly 500 million views per month. Although the industry's top 25 brands have published thousands of videos to YouTube and are attracting new likes, shares, and subscribers daily, brands continue to miss key marketing opportunities on YouTube. Pixability's "Consumer Electronics on YouTube" playlist showcases some of the most popular CE videos on YouTube, as discussed in Pixability's latest industry study, and best practices and key findings that all brands can leverage to improve their YouTube presence.

ÜberTube 2014 Brand Summit Play

With skyrocketing audience numbers, YouTube is now the most influential place where brand conversations and decisions happen. ÜberTube 2014 Brand Summit was the first independent event ever for digital marketing executives to meet with their peers while learning how to leverage YouTube for their brands. With keynote speeches and panels from industry leaders like Google's Lucas Watson and NPR's Bob Garfield, ÜberTube provided insights on content strategy, video advertising, and analytics. Videos from the event will uploaded to this playlist over the next few weeks.

Beauty on YouTube: Beauty Industry Best Practices Play

Beauty vloggers and teenage haul girls on YouTube drive millions of views and grow thriving online fan bases with makeup tutorials and product reviews filmed in their bedrooms. A few beauty brands have leveraged their YouTube channels to achieve high audience engagement and view counts, but most brands still have a long way to go. Pixability's Beauty Best Practices playlist showcases some of the most successful beauty videos on YouTube, as discussed in Pixability's latest study, "Beauty On YouTube: How YouTube is Radically Transforming the Beauty Industry and What That Means for Brands"--from Halloween makeup tutorials and back-to-school makeup looks to product reviews and haul videos.
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