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PHP Social Network Teaser

7,454 views 2 weeks ago
It's coming your way soon, a social network tutorial built with no frameworks - just pure social goodness. Make sure you're following us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/phpacademy) and you're subscribed to get notified when it's be released.

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Create your own PHP MVC application from scratch to learn about MVC in PHP and make use of this design pattern for your future projects.

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Creating a slide out navigation area using the power of CSS3 transitions. This simply solution works smoothly and elegantly across many devices and provides a working fallback for those browsers that don't support transitions. By using CSS3 transitions we don't have to rely on JavaScript animation.

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An object oriented authentication system including the ability to register a user, log in and includes features like validation, remember me, user profiles, CSRF protection, secure password salting and various helper classes to make working with sessions, cookies, input and configuration easier.

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A Node.js based real time chat with socket.io and MongoDB. This chat application allows you to chat in real time using WebSockets.
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