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Passion4Profession - Trailer Version

138,644 views 4 months ago
Did you know that 20 million fitness enthusiasts train each month using YouTube videos containing P4P logo?

Did you know that every day over 1 million athletes train wherever they want, in the gym or at the park, using apps containing P4P logo?

Quality is something you can count on.

Come find out why millions of athletes count on the quality of Passion4Profession. Show less
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  • How to do: Double leg stretch

    • 1 month ago
    The "Double Leg Stretch" is a classic Pilates exercise that builds resistance in your abdominal muscles, developing coordination and control throughout your body.
    When performed correctly, therefor...
  • Pilates Abs: Oblique roll down

    • 2 months ago
    P4P web portal: www.passion4profession.net

    The Oblique Roll Down is a famous advanced-level Pilates exercise. As you know, Pilates method exercises strengthen and, most of all, stabilize the middl...
  • Cardio exercises: Mountain Climber

    • 2 months ago
    P4P web portal: www.passion4profession.net

    The "Mountain Climber" is one of the most popular cardio exercises. This advanced, high intensity exercise increases the heart rate, accelerates metaboli...
  • Buttocks workout Level 3 No Music - The best butt workout

    • 3 months ago
    P4P Web portal: www.passion4profession.net

    The third level of this series (The Classic) is the most complex round that will push you to the limit with a workout only intended for those more athlet...
  • Buttocks workout - Level 2 No Music - The best butt workout

    • 3 months ago
    P4P Web portal: www.passion4profession.net

    This workout aims to more efficiently tone and shape your buttocks than the basic "The classic" series level. We have added slightly more complex variati...
  • Abs+Chest MIXED WORKOUT - No Music

    • 3 months ago
    P4P Web portal: www.passion4profession.net

    Finally a circuit to work your pecs and abs in a single session. This workout is designed for everyone: men or women alike.
    As always, we've designed the...

Best Abs Exercises ( id 5 ) Play

Abs Exercises: the most effective exercises to train your abs are illustrated in detailed 3D videos. All abdominal exercises include various visual angles to simplify the correct execution of the movement.

Best Buttocks Exercises ( id 10 ) Play

Best exercises for toning butt by passion4profession.

Best Chest Exercises ( id 4 ) Play

Chest exercises: a list of the best video exercises to train your chest. Every pectoral exercise includes various visual angles and a video dedicated to breathing correctly while performing the movement.
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