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P2i at Mobile World Congress

532 views 4 months ago
At Mobile World Congress 2014 P2i announced that it will be going into production with a partner brand using the Dunkable™ technology. Furthermore, Dr. Coulson, the CTO and inventor of the technology, explains that the Splash-proof nano-coating is already protecting over 50 million electronic devices worldwide - from smartphones and tablets, to bluetooth headsets and hearing aids. Show less
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Electronics: Nano-coating protection against water damage Play

In the Electronics sector the presence of P2i's technology is indicated either by splash-proof*, our brand for everyday protection against splashes and spills, or Dunkable™, the ultimate barrier protection against prolonged water damage.

With a proven ability to establish cost-effective high-volume solutions for ODM's and leading brands, P2i is already protecting tens of millions of electronic devices worldwide with its award-winning splash-proof technology.

The introduction of the Dunkable™ technology demonstrates P2i's on-going commitment to raising the standards for water protection through cutting-edge nano-coating technology advancement. As proven with splash-proof, P2i is able to ensure a smooth and integrated implementation of the solution with pioneering partners.

*previously known as Aridion™

P2i - Overview Play

As a commercially successful innovator, P2i is a global technology provider with unparalleled industry experience in a variety of market sectors. Delivering game-changing solutions through the use of revolutionary nanotechnology, P2i has already enhanced the life of millions, challenging the way people think about everyday liquid protection. With an extensive patent portfolio P2i is committed to pushing the boundaries of its technologies, thereby setting new industry standards for liquid protection.

This collection highlights our corporate video, showcasing our nano coating technology across five market sectors: Electronics, Lifestyle, Energy & Filtration, Life Sciences and Medical and Institutional.
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