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Xavier Vids

Donna Who? | Destiny (A Prequel)

236 views 7 months ago
Video prequel. For more prequels, complete synopsis and more info, please visit http://mymistrust.net/

Under very suspicious circumstances, Donna's Time Lord knowledge slowly starts to surface again, but not her memories.
Her brain is filled with scientific data but detached from memories or history. She doesn't know how all that knowledge got inside her brain. All Donna knows is that she wants to use it for a good cause, but this may be far more difficult than she imagines -- especially because having her Time Lord consciousness back wasn't a gift of any kind, but a manoeuvre to a greater (and darker) cause.
This is the story of her journey in search of who she is and how she came to be. This is the last journey of Donna Noble, the most important woman in the whole of creation. This is her last journey to remember.
Tumblr link: http://donna-remembers.tumb...

This is a project I've been working on my head and writing some drafts for a solid month now. I hope to start publishing it by January. If you are interested in helping (writing, promoting, vidding, making graphics, proof-reading), contact me through the contact form at my website.

This prequel was inspired by those amazing gif sets on tumblr:


http://metaphoricalprune.tu... Show less
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