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Pokemon Roulette #53 Xerxes vs Makar

1,888 views 1 month ago
The series of sending of 4th gen has begun! A month late... whatever. I'm busy. I'll get there.
Good buddy http://www.youtube.com/them... and long time counting-hero of the channel. We'll start things off with him!

I hope you guys enjoy it. These are the last wifi battles we'll ever see here. It'll be just showdown from now on. And lots of Twitch streaming. Twitch is awesome! I'd like to officially transition from YT to Twitch once I finish the handful of Uploading projects I have here, LPs, battles, etc.
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Pokemon Battles: The Early Years Play

Check out my non-roulette singles battles, win or loss! Range from Standard, to tournament, to OU and NU, this is the bread and butter, the meat and potatoes, these are the main event.

Pokemon Roulettes Play

If you don't know what a roulette is or how to do them, first vid in the Playlist will explain it for you.

Here's my collection of non-battle battles! Enjoy the randomized entertainment.

Mega Man X 100% LP Play

Xerxes has completed the NES Mega's, and moved into the realm of the X-series!

Watch as I traverse the stages in the hunt for secrets, and pursuit + destruction of Sigma!
My speed run of Mega Man 1 on NES. Started off intended as a very fast LP, till I realized how fast I was going and just kept it up.
  • Let's Play Mega Man 1 Speed Run (Part 1/4) ~32min

    I told you guys it was happening. I'm bringin' sexy back, router problems ain't gunna stop this train.
    /stupid words.

    Okay so I don't really know what to call it. Its not...
  • Mega Man 1 Speed Run (Part 2/4) ~32

    Part two of this wonderful endeavor.

    If you missed part one, it was the brutal demise of our friends Fire Man, Bomb Man, and Guts Man. The poor victims in this clip are going to be Cut Man, El...
  • Mega Man 1 Speed Run (Part 3/4) ~32

    All six Robot Masters down, (Yes, Mega Man 1 only has 6, not 8) and nothing left but Wily's fortress in my way.

    Which of course includes two of the hardest bosses of all time. OF ALL TIME. And I...
  • Mega Man 1 Speed Run (Part 4/4) ~32min

    I'd attempt to build suspense and ask "OMG, WILL HE DO IT? WILL HE WIN?" but that is kind of silly since you know I will. If I Game Over'd at some point I'd still continue until I finished it. So...
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