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Andy Gilleand

Beyond: Two Souls (The Movie) [Chronological Order]

12,706 views 3 months ago
NOTE: The original version I uploaded had a problem where nearly 20 minutes of the video was a black screen towards the middle of the movie. This version fixes that problem.

Thank you for waiting, but my Beyond: Two Souls movie is finally done! The reason for the long wait is because of a few reasons:

#1 - The length. The game is practically an interactive movie itself, so not as much could be cut, like with my other movies.

#2 - The visual effects. 200 visual effects shots were used in total.

#3 - I had less free time than I was expecting. Me and my brother decided to rewatch Veronica Mars and 24 in anticipation of both of their returns, so I didn't have as much free time as I thought I would.

The biggest things I had to do while editing this movie were the visual effects. This game is very cinematic in nature, but often uses on screen button prompts. As I wanted this to be a movie like experience, I decided to completely eliminate all button prompts, as well as the game save indicator. This resulted in a total of 200 visual effects shots. If I did my work well, you shouldn't notice 99% of those shots unless you know exactly where those button prompts should be. One or two of the shots may be noticeable though, as a couple shots were very difficult to fix.

As I mentioned, the game is pretty much an interactive movie to begin with. Normally I include most of the cutscenes, and make most of my cuts to the gameplay itself. The problem is, there isn't much "gameplay" in the traditional sense, so there isn't much I can cut. The biggest cuts I made were to Aiden's gameplay. For the most part I cut straight to the actions Aiden performed, and tried to cut out as much of the blue orbs you see as Aiden, as those are practically button prompts themselves. There were a few shots where I was unable to remove them.

For Jodie I removed all the white orbs, and all the dialogue prompts. I also tried to cut a lot of Jodie moving from location to location, unless seeing that movement felt important to the scene. For the most part I left the dialogue intact, although there were a few places where I cut lines or adjusted their order. Remember, this game is affected by choice, so what you're seeing here is just *my* version of the story. If you play the game yourself, the outcomes will be slightly different.

There may be some versions of this movie that are shorter, but I still feel my version is better. First of all, you probably won't see the visual effects work I did on any of the others. Secondly, I feel like my editing style is probably better for the story. While I try to cut as much as I possibly can, I do so while maintaining a strong continuity, pacing, and character development. There are certain things some editors might cut, but to me, those would create plot holes, or the editing would feel jarring. This movie needs to be accessible to people who haven't played the game, or who don't play video games at all. It needs to feel as much like a real movie as possible, and for me, that requires the movie to be 5 hours unfortunately.

If the length is an issue, there are 4 acts I would split the movie into:

Act 1: Growing Up - 0:00:00
Act 2: The CIA - 1:09:00
Act 3: On the Run - 2:00:08
Act 4: The Return - 3:38:48

Any of those spots are good stopping points.

As for future movie ideas, currently I have 5 ideas planned:

Batman: Arkham Knight
The Last of Us: Left Behind
Batman: Arkham Origins
Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry
Assassin's Creed: Liberation

As Arkham Knight won't be released until October, Left Behind is most likely my next movie, which will probably be quite short compared to my other movies, since it's just a DLC story. I *was* considering Infamous: Second Son before release, but I just played that game, and while it's a great game, I just don't feel like it would fit the movie format well. The cutscenes are great, but they are too few and far between for it to really work in movie format imo. The next potential idea is Watch Dogs, but it all depends on story, presentation, and length. I have a feeling it may have the same problem as GTA V. GTA V was great, but was too long and wasn't really a single story. It was multiple stories stringed together (although it might work as a series instead of movie). Show less
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