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FIRE Prayers against Spirit Spouses (and friends)

575 views 2 months ago

Jesus died for our FREEDOM. He wants us TOTALLY free to serve Him in spirit and truth. IF you answer YES to any of the survey questions below, then most likely, you have a spirit spouse ACTIVELY working in and against your life and hindering your destiny in Christ Jesus.

1. Have you ever been molested?
2. Have you ever been raped?
3. Do you have sexual lust?
4. Do you have sex in your dreams?
5. Does it seem like you're being "forced" to remain unmarried—every relationship ends up in disappointment?
6. Do you masturbate?
7. Do you watch pornography?
8. Is there idolatry in your family lineage?
9. Is there witchcraft in your family lineage?

The FIRE Prayers were revealed to Evangelist King, by the Holy Spirit, as she conducted deliverance sessions via the phone line. They are proven to be fervent and effective in the spirit realm in setting captives free from spirit husband and spirit wife and every spirit not of the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Spirit leads and reveals, more prayer points will be added in Jesus' name. As or after you say these prayers out loud and experience any uneasiness or agitation, IMMEDIATELY contact Evangelist King at http://www.thechildrensmite... and submit the Deliverance Request Submission Form. You will need someone to join their faith with your faith for your COMPLETE deliverance in THROWING OUT THE STRONGMAN. Shalom † Show less
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    So don't let anyone pass judgment on you in connection with eating and drinking, or in regard to a Jewish festival or Rosh-Hodesh or Shabbat. These are a shadow of things that are coming, but the b...
  • Prayer of Endurance

    • 1 week ago
    Heavenly Father, help us to bear and endure ALL things in Jesus' name. Amen. Shalom †

    Our Healing and Deliverance Service is the first Saturday of EVERY month in Raleigh, North Carolina at 3:00 pm...
  • Deliverance Prayer from Spirit Husband and Prostitution

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    A woman's deliverance from a journey of molestation, incest, spiritual attacks in childhood, prostitution, depression, and all kinds of painful past experiences....
  • Jesus Restores the Demon-Possessed

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    NOW is your time to shine! Christ Jesus is the same as He was yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. As He set the demoniac of Gadara TOTALLY free to serve His Heavenly Father in spirit and truth...
  • Check the Foundation

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    For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Christ Jesus. Tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit talk to you! Shalom †

    Our Healing and Deliverance Service is the fi...

Deliverance from Spirit Husband and Spirit Wife Play

Are you fighting against flesh and blood, which is your physical spouse? REMEMBER, they are not the REAL enemy in your marriage. Tune in and listen to receive a revelation to your breakthrough in marriage. OPEN LINE FOR DELIVERANCE, CALL 1-919-809-6789. SERIOUS CALLERS ONLY PLEASE. ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED and CONFIDENTIAL. Shalom †

Farah Deliverance from Marine Demons Play

Farah is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Her grandmother was a High Priest. Farah's mother dedicated her to Satan before she was born. At the age of five, she was sexually molested and tried many times to commit suicide. This molestation continued throughout her childhood from one family member to another. Farah knew that Satan had planned for her to serve him in his kingdom of darkness; but our LORD Jesus Christ had ALREADY planned the course for her life.

After over 10 years of experiencing sexual intercourse in her dreams, Farah knew that the LORD was not pleased. She began to seek help from many churches and to her amazement she was told that it was the will of God for her to experience sex in her dreams since she was unmarried. Contrary to what they said, Farah knew that it was wrong. She cried out even more unto the LORD for help. She was then lead by the Holy Spirit to one of our videos on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/miteworks. She called us seeking deliverance. Our LORD and Savior, Christ Jesus, delivered Farah from torment, oppression and depression from the:

1. Spirit of Belial (Satan)
2. Spirit of Lesbian
3. Spirit of Coast of the Sea
4. Spirit of Snake
5. Spirit Husband
6. Spirit of Suicide
7. Spirit of Fear
8. Spirit of Lucifer
9. Spirit of Jezebel
10. . . . and many more

Farah had no idea that she was also connected to demon spirits which gave her the ability to see into the spirit realm, as well as, it seeing into this natural realm. When she was a child, she had fallen by accident and had to receive stitches to her forehead. After the surgery, she noticed that the stitches were sown in the likeness of a cross. Throughout her adult years, she did not pay attention to it because it was just an injury. One day when she was walking the streets of New York, she noticed that many people who served as Satanists were attractive to her due to the mark on her forehead. She then noticed that it was the same mark they had on their forehead; but again, she did not pay attention to the mark because of receiving it in an injury as a child. It was after her deliverance from marine demons that her Deliverer, Christ Jesus, spoke these words to her. With permission, tune in and listen to hear the wonderful things our LORD and Savior, Christ Jesus, done for Farah.


Watch our LIVE YouTube Stream on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm (EST) at http://www.youtube.com/user/miteworks. Shalom †
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