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The Aegis Effect (Sandbox Survival) - Kickstarter Promo

6,741 views 1 month ago
The Aegis Effect - By Pixelloop Games

Aegis Effect Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1tLSHb9
Aegis Effect Site: http://www.aegisfx.com
Pixelloop Games Site: http://www.pixelloopgames.com

Music Composed By: Josh Tolar (http://www.jstolar.com/)
and used in the video with his permission.

In the year 2080, at the peak of human civilization,
the stars finally seemed within our grasp! There were
others, however, who were not so sure that was a good idea.

An interstellar ambassadorial envoy was sent to test us,
to gauge our worthiness... and predictably... we failed.
A failure so complete, that it endangered our very existence.
In a matter of days, we had turned a peaceful observation
into an outright state of war. A war that we could not hope to win!

In our self calamitous ignorance, we caused... The Aegis Effect. Show less
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