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Mimoco Mimobot

"Refresh Your Memory" - Mimoco Promo 2013

557 views 1 year ago
Brought to you by www.mimoco.com, maker of MIMOBOT the original Character USB flash Drive as well as other exciting new products.

This is the reminder to refresh your memory.

At it's resting state, humanity is a species conditioned to remember.
We have many words for remembering, perhaps as many words for remembering as we have ways of doing it.
What function does a museum serve?
Why do we learn to forget and then to reminisce?
How do we preserve a sound or a state of mind?

Early on we're taught to respect memory, to learn from it.
Looking backwards supplies the lessons of the past through which we carry ourselves forward.

We are in the habbit of documenting the things we love.
Photographs, recordings, notes left in hidden places, we call this nostalgia, relics in every object, every actin a monument to what's come before.

This is the reminder to refresh your memory. Show less
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