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Real Life Incineration of Portal's Companion Cube

775 views 21 hours ago
This real life Companion Cube prop was hand crafted by Marcus Ross to act as a prop in many of our Portal and Half-Life films. Over the years it's held up well but has been beaten up and repaired many times so we decided to give it a true GLaDOS send off using thermite. We bring you the real life incineration of a Weighted Companion Cube.

Special Thanks to:
Marcus Ross - Companion Cube Builder
Cherokee Turner - Camera/Production
Caleb Craft - Pyrotechnics training
Jason Ball - Photographer
Dagan Fish - Safety Coordinator
The Valve Corporation for being amazing.
And Marcus's parents because they let us use the farm.

Portal 2 Reconstructing Science
Kevin MacLeod - "Ouroboros" (www.incompetech.com)

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