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Alexey M

Hit and Trampled by bulls: The Great bull run - Florida

793 views 4 months ago
here is a quick video of two guys getting hit and run over by bulls in the great bull run that went on today in florida. I think every run had atleast one person being hit
it was a blast

also want to let everyone know, lots of people got hit that day, but no real serious injuries everyone pretty much got up and said it was an amazing experience Show less
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These are dog training videos. If you have a dog you should always be researching for the best training methods. included in these videos are my dog liev from puppy to one of the best dogs in the world

Masha Mendieta Play

Masha is a young actress relocated to Los Angeles from New York City. Born in Ecuador, she is of Russian and Ecuadorian descent, and even has a triple citizenship. She spent childhood summers in both countries visiting family and soaking in the diverse cultures. She speaks Russian, Spanish, and French, and studied Arabic in university.

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collection of Massage commercials found on youtube
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