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2013 Maxwell School Graduate Convocation Play

The 2013 Maxwell School Graduate Convocation was held on May 10 in Hendricks Chapel. Raymond Kaniu,'13 MA (IR), delivered the Maxwell Convocation Speech, and Samantha Power, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and former assistant to the president, gave the keynote address. More than 350 graduate students will earn their degrees this year.

State of Democracy Lecture Series Play

The State of Democracy Lecture Series is a centerpiece of the Maxwell School's public event offerings. It is dedicated to providing a forum for meaningful discussions of pressing public issues—both current and long-standing—which cut across disciplinary boundaries. The series enables the intellectual exploration of real-world challenges and fosters continuing discussion and debate, which is at the heart of meaningful democratic citizenship.

Campbell Debate series Play

Employing a style adapted from the Oxford Union debates, each Campbell Debate will allow a gathered audience to consider a question of national, regional or local significance. Two panels comprised of thought leaders will argue for each side, followed by counterpoints and audience questions and comments. At the conclusion of the debate, the audience will vote on the proposition by walking out one of two doors. The event is open to the public and a reception will follow. The Debates are moderated by Campbell Director Grant Reeher.
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