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Matthew Keeney

Hangout: Part 5

53 views 4 months ago
In this video I hang from a different location for each subscriber to my channel. Only the first 1,000 subscribers will be able to take part in this project, so signup today! Follow the subscription link at the end of the video. Featured youtubers in this video are:

welcom to my channel, Balthasar16, Erika H, Kleckerlabor, Subscribe, justhavinpun's channel, Vesta Lotu, Erika MacMahon, shamanicvision's channel, deepinsunshine, keryll mazanjian, Kwink95, davidxip, TheFordnana, alejandro nunez, Aswin Chandran, ravendude79, Kalelop, slayerr66, Kyle Bradley, 231 AHSAN, juju ram, 007scarpio, undertheredroof, babz888

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These works explore the content and interactive structures found within YouTube. Through a combination of collage and performance I engage this environment by creating videos that ultimately contribute new content that may fuel another consumer's production.

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By engaging my surroundings, I create performances that manipulate everyday activities. Through the dialogue that is created, I am able to take elements from these environments and use them as tools for art making.

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In this series I refine my technique as I gear up for the upcoming football season. Following the directions from different "how to" videos, I practice by incorporating and interacting with different elements of my surroundings.

Hangout Play

Follow me as I hang with my YouTube subscribers, and be a part of the project by subscribing to my YouTube page. The first 1,000 subscribers will be included.

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In an effort to end The Waiting Project, I am contacted by a viewer who gives me a set of clue to follow in order to figure out who they are.

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