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Albert R. Mann Library

Gallagher, Falconry

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With ancient roots in Mesopotamia and Central Asia, falconry also finds impassioned practitioners in North America. At an April 2014 talk at Mann Library, writer, wildlife photographer, and falconer Timothy Gallagher presents a history of this art, touching in particular on its current practice in the U.S. Currently, editor-in-chief of "Living Bird," the flagship publication of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Gallagher has had a lifelong interest in wilderness exploration and falcons. This talk was presented in conjunction with Mann's April 2014 exhibit "An Extreme Stirrer-Up of Passions: Falconry at Cornell and Beyond," which put a spotlight on ancient, yet still vibrant world of falconry with gorgeous photography, fascinating artifacts, and items from Cornell University Library's extensive falconry collection.
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