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The Davis Sisters - Don't Take Him For Granted

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Skeeter & Georgie Davis (The Davis Sisters) recorded "Don't Take Him For Granted" on August 16, 1954 at the RCA Victor Studio in New York. Songwriter was Hy Gilbert.

After the horrible accident in 1953 that left Betty Jack Davis dead and Skeeter badly injured, Skeeter (barely recovered) carried on with 'the Davis Sisters' but now with B.J.'s sister Georgie Davis, it didn't last long and Skeeter started a solo career in 1957.

Don't take him for granted or his kiss won't always be there
Be grateful for he loves you, show him just how much you can care
Share dreams that he's dreaming and be kind and loving and true
Dont take him for granted or you lose him like I did to you


I took him for granted so through tears I give this advice
Dont take him for granted and deny yourself paradise
Go love him, he needs you but be wise whatever you do
Don't take him for granted or another will take him from you Show less
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