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MagickLorelai on Patreon

915 views 1 month ago
If you're interested in supporting me on Patreon, or seeing more information on my goals and milestones (and what you will get if I'm able to reach them!), you can check out the page here: http://www.patreon.com/magi...
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Let's Play! Mass Effect 2 Play

While the immediate threat of the Reapers seemed to die with Sovereign, Clara Shepard knows better than to believe that the galaxy is safe.After an attack by an unknown race kills her, she is revived two years later with one mission; do everything possible to stop the Reapers, even recruiting an unbeatable team.

Let's Play! Mass Effect Play

Vanguard of the Alliance, Clara Shepard is called to action against the greatest threat to the galaxy in nearly 50,000 years. She may be the only thing standing between the civilizations of the galaxy and utter destruction.
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