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lululemon take it outside

110,061 views 3 days ago
There is nothing like a good power lunch. Today we've got sweat, strength and sunshine on the menu. Go ahead, take it outside: http://bit.ly/1mKtVnR
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lululemon teaches you how to _______ Play

We love learning! Mastering anything from individual yoga poses (we're talking to you Handstand!) to new ways to wear a scarf has the power to light up our day.

lululemon ambassadors Play

Our ambassadors do more than give us product feedback. Whether they're into extreme sports like base jumping or lying perfectly still in Savasana, they remind us that being present is the only way to roll.

lululemon yoga Play

Yoga is our hometown. Yoga videos, yoga inspiration -even laughing at ourselves a little -helps remind us why we always come back to the mat.

lululemon product education Play

Don't mind us while we geek out on gear. Sometimes we just have to see the Pace Breaker Short in action or take time to marvel at exactly how anti-stink technology stops the stench.
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