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The Sun - Vision Lab 1

4,344 views 1 month ago
We're led to believe that the sun is nice, kind always smiling but we are being mis-sold what the sun is actually like...

Brand: Vision Lab
Country: Spain
Agency: LOLA
City: Madrid

This won a gold in TV/Cine at El Sol 2014. Show less
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  • KIBON | Deu na Telha

    • by kibon
    • 2 months ago
    O Deu na Telha é a primeira exposição aérea do Brasil!
    Em parceria com os moradores do Morro do Alemão, 10 artistas criaram obras de arte que estão expostas nos telhados das casas dentro do Comple...
  • Pictionary - Captchionary

    Forget about annoying, hard to read captchas. Pictionary brings you Captchionary - using drawings instead of incomprehensible letters and numbers.

    This won a bronze at El Sol 2014 in digital.

  • Good People - Axe

    Set in the town of Molstruk where a good man is defined by having very sweaty armpits.

    This won a bronze in TV at El Sol 2014.

    Brand: Axe
    Country: Argentina
    Agency: Lowe Ponce
    City: Buenos Aires
  • Libero Football Magazine » "The Ab Machine"

    "If they explain it to you with football, you get it" is the concept created by the agency to put across the message that Líbero is not just a football magazine, but also one that uses the world's ...
  • You Are My Son

    This is a heartfelt advert which was created by Lowe SSP3 for The Colombian Ministry of Defence
  • The Sun - Vision Lab 1

    We're led to believe that the sun is nice, kind always smiling but we are being mis-sold what the sun is actually like...

    Brand: Vision Lab
    Country: Spain
    Agency: LOLA
    City: Madrid

    This won a...
  • Dirt is Good -- The making of "Futures" print campaign

    • 2 years ago
    A case study of the 'Futures' print campaign for OMO by Lowe Singapore.

    This campaign won a Bronze in Outdoor at Cannes Lions 2012.

    Dirt is Good. Especially when it's the result of your kids goi...
  • Rivers Of Light

    • 2 years ago
    Following 'Operation Christmas' voted the most effective campaign in the world in 2011, was never going to be easy -- but Lowe SSP3 in Colombia have done it -- click here to see 'Rivers of Light' ...
  • Cheerful Sole

    • 3 years ago
    Brand: Tesco
    Country: UK
    First Aired: 15.05.1995
    Description: Dotty Prunella Scales complains to her daughter Jane Horrocks that the salmon she has bought from Tesco looks very miserable. She retu...
  • A Personal Apology (Just for you)

    • 2 years ago
    Case Study Film: Lowe Roche. This won a bronze in PR at Cannes Lions.

    Due to a distribution problem in late 2010, o.b. tampons went off the shelves. Women were upset at the sudden loss of their ...
  • 'Show Your Joe' Parody of Kmart's Christmas Jingle Bells Advert

    • 7 months ago
    Happy Christmas from Lowe & Partners! Tongue 'n cheek fun for the holiday season. Hats off to our friends from Draft FCB who made the original ad. You can see it here: http://bit.ly/IKikcy
  • Man - Anador

    • 1 year ago
    The film tells us the story of a man...
    "Everything turns into a headache when you have a headache". And presents the solution: "Anador, a headache medication".

    Created by Borghi/Lowe. This won a...

Lowe Institute Play

The Institute opens in New York's vibrant meatpacking district throughout June and August with an educational program targeted at the emerging leaders of Lowe's worldwide network.

Trios of creative, business and strategy specialists are selected from our network around the globe. Students have the opportunity to learn from each other and share experiences and expertise. The Art of Storytelling, The Art of Presentation, The Hollywood Story, Finding New Business on Old Business are just some of the classes included in the week-long session. Take a look at #LoweInstitute to find out more.

"Process is trying to make order out of chaos. Creativity is trying to make chaos to create order." John Hegarty
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