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Livie Rose

DIY Lip Balm Tutorial! How to make your own tinted lip balm!

350,503 views 1 year ago
Hey everyone! We all have lipsticks that are either damaged from over-use, melted from heat, or a colour that we always thought we'd wear... I'm going to show you how to make that lipstick into a tinted lip balm. It's nourishing, which is perfect for Autumn and Winter, but it also uses up that lipstick - frugal and thrifty all in one video!

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Things that you will need:
♥ A lipstick - try to use a broken, melted or damaged lipstick, or a colour that is a little too vibrant for you to wear on a regular basis.
♥ Lip balm - you can use petroleum jelly, a shea butter based balm or one made from beeswax.
♥ Food flavouring - use any flavour that you like, just make sure it's an actual flavouring, not an extract.
♥ A clean tin - this is what the lip tint will be going in :)

♥ Step 1: Choose a lipstick that is either a difficult colour to pull off, broken, melted or otherwise damaged. I'm going to use a lipstick that is difficult to wear - the colour will be toned down when it's in lip balm form . It doesn't really matter whether it's a drying lipstick or a nourishing one, as long as it's a colour that you like!

♥ Step 2: Pick a lip balm - petroleum jelly would be a good choice, or alternatively something containing bees wax or shea butter. You want something that is moisturising, and will retain the colour of the lipstick.

♥ Step 3: Boil the kettle, and pour the water into a saucepan. Bring the water to a gentle boil - you don't want it to go bonkers - keep it at a steady boil. Put a small bowl into the saucepan, but make sure that the water doesn't overflow into it.

♥ Step 4: Put your lip balm or jelly into the bowl, and allow it to melt. Add your lipstick, and stir it with a chopstick to help the melting process. Start blending the melted lip colour into the jelly. You want it to look smooth, and for the colour to be strong and vibrant.

♥ Step 5: This is optional, but if you would like the lip balm to taste nice, add a little flavouring. You can use anything you like, as long as it's an actual food flavouring. Make sure you stir it in well, and continue to blend the mixture thoroughly.

♥ Step 6: Choose a pretty tin for it to go into. Once the cooling process has begun, you won't be able to transfer the tinted lip balm into a different tin without it becoming all mushed up, so have one ready. Pour the mixture into the tin, and allow it cool completely. Leave it for several hours in a cool, dry place - you can put it in the fridge if you have a time constraint or if you're impatient! Show less
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