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Lilou Mace

Want to live your destiny? Robert Ohotto

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Robert Ohotto is a world renowned radio show host, teacher, and Intuitive Counselor, Coach, and Life Strategist based in Boulder, CO. He is also the author of the groundbreaking best-selling book Transforming Fate into Destiny.
Robert is recognized as a trailblazing presence within the field of psycho-spirituality, multi-sensory development, and human consciousness. Highly sought after for his dynamic lectures and intuitive consultations, his leading-edge work challenges the conventions of mind-body-spirit paradigms by integrating intuitive perception, archetypes, and life cycles.
Robert spent his collegiate years immersed in the study of Mythology, Christian mysticism, Kabbalah, Jungian psychology, Buddhism, Eastern philosophy, and Western Hermetic teachings. After his collegiate studies, Robert cultivated his profound skills as an intuitive by establishing a profession in the intuitive arts, which has kept him busy for more than fifteen years. During three of those years he taught alongside the acclaimed medical intuitive Caroline Myss at her Caroline Myss Education Institute (CMED) in Chicago. He has since founded his own Ananke-Apollo Institute of intuitive counseling and life coaching studies.
Through various TV appearances and speaking engagements Robert has become a promising TV personality known for his keeping-it-real candor, humorous delivery, and grounded style that continues to garner fans around the globe. Whether through his radio shows, seminars, TV appearances, or private consultations, Robert is highly praised for his singular ability to help people understand their life's purpose and develop practical strategies to claim their Destiny with courage and grace. - source http://www.ohotto.com/

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Lilou Mace is a fairy. Her life is a journey she shares and each stop is an opportunity for her to point her magic wand on someone that could make our life juicier and fulfilling.
Dual citizen French and American, expert in web-marketing she starts very early to share inspiration. Empowered by a unique vision "life is delicious when we co-create", she starts a TV show then a webTV show called the "Juicy Living Tour". Being authentic, sharing with others our keys to happiness and consciousness is her motto.
These are meditations and visualizations that I have recorded for you to enjoy. If you would like it in mp3 format visit Amazon or my website www.LilouMace.com

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Interviewing JUICY book authors and entrepreneurs sharing their tips for success and live happy and fulfilled lives. I interview people from all around the word, mainly inspiring book authors.

Deepak Chopra, James Redfield, John Gray, Sonia Choquette, Julia Cameron, William Whitecloud, Gay Hendricks, Mooji, Dan Winter, etc.

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