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Lil Crazed

Twerk - Lil Crazed (Official Music Video)

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i see that body, pretty face,
all that ass, piece of cake,
let me see you twerk it girl, twerk, twerk
let me see you twerk it girl, twerk, twerk
twerk it, werk it girl, let's see them curves circle in motion
twerk it, werk it girl, let's see them curves circle in motion
twerk it, werk it girl, let's see them curves circle in motion
twerk baby, twerk
twerk baby, twerk

~yeah, baby here's your chance,
let me get a little private dance,
you aint gotta worry girl understand,
it's only me in your audience,
witnessing greatness, delicious and tasty,
physique so sweet,
strip it and shake it and dip it like matrix,
and it's so amazing, make me wanna eat,
ahhhh, body language,
it's talking to me,
telling me boy get off and on me,
give that ginuwine love, come ride the pony,
i swear, i'll provide,
get your eyes to roll back, yeah both sides,
real talk baby girl no lie,
get you screaming like you praying saying oh my,
god, lord's name in vain, i,
pop that Ace of Spades, yah,
give you that major payne, no damon waynes,
bring that A plus game,
no audible, it's all for you,
just wear that suit, from your day of birth,
and let me see them moves that you do, baby twerk

~it's like i met an android that could transform,
transported from another planet to my platform,
who needs a passport when you travel on an asteroid,
looking like anything in a woman i can ask for,
fast forward, back back to the moon,
take me on a ride through your avenue,
let me see how you ride it girl,
i wanna get deep inside it girl
yeah, shake it, show me what your mama gave,
make me wanna say e.i., andeley
honestly, that body hot, that body pop, make bodies stop, to stare,
but tonight i'm being greedy and needy, believe me yo i'm not gon' share,
your body looking like a Ferrari, i wanna test drive
let's ride, take it down to my bedside,
under covers like the feds hide, yes i'll,
provide that force to your body like a jedi,
give that hard drive, i'ma format,
and lay down your welcome like a doormat,
and start a mission, i'ma rewrite history,
give a new meaning to the big bang theory

Produced by: YG On Da Beat

Directed by: Jargon Dyonisis

Shot/Edited by: Tila

Cambodian Music Festival - August 3rd - Hollywood, CA:



Lil Crazed:
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