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Dave Saxon

Heisenberg/AKA Walter White - 3ds Max - Mudbox - Unreal Engine Four - Intro

3,760 views 3 months ago
This series will cover modelling a low resolution model of Walter White/ AKA Heisenberg - "Breaking Bad", then exporting that mesh to Mudbox for detail building. I'll be building a model that's 15 million poly's and then transferring the texture and normal detail back to the low resolution, (15000) poly mesh. And then over to Softimage.
Then I'll build a Facerobot rig in Softimage and morph targets for Unreal Engine Four.

This video is just an intro of things to come ;) Show less
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Biped and CAT 3ds Max Play

We'll try to cover everything in this series concerning biped..

The playlist includes various other biped and CAT related videos. Some of the older videos have no sound but we'll be replacing them all soon with audio!

Animtrees set-up UDK all Builds Play

For you to be able to use your character in game you will need animations and an animtree.
This series shows you how to create a basic animtree to get your character running about

Custom Character and bot set-up in UDK Play

An updated and more in depth mini series plus all the assets used in the videos :-)
All the assets can be downloaded here, http://www.seekanddestroygames.com/goodies

Rigging a character for UDK in 3ds Max & Maya 2012 Play

This playlist covers rigging a character for the Unreal Development Kit in Autodesk's 3ds Max and Maya.

In 3ds Max I use the skin wrap modifier and I set up full working FaceFX anims for use in a cinematic intro movie or for random character achievement outbursts!

Download the FaceFX assets here,

Download the UT3Male for your custom character rig here,
Male; http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/rsrc/Three/UT3CustomCharacter­s/UT3_Male.max


UT3_Krall; http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/rsrc/Three/UT3CustomCharacter­s/UT3_Krall.max

UT3_Corrupt; http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/rsrc/Three/UT3CustomCharacter­s/UT3_Corrupt.max

The FBX example skeleton here,

Download the UT3Male Maya version here,
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