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Leokimvideo Youtube Channel Broken Sorry Subscribers & Advertisers

79,287 views 1 month ago
Hi! I find myself again with a crippled hacked broken youtube channel, it's pointless for me to upload videos in my current situation. I'm sorry to my subscribers and those who enjoy advertising against my videos. Youtube partner support are well aware of my problem and after a month of many e-mails we are no closer to finding a solution. It may take many weeks or months for my channel to be fixed, that is if it can be fixed.

It's a lose, lose, lose, lose situation. But remember YouTube is a very complex and old database with patch over patch each time it busts. Last year I had almost 4 months away from YouTube due to problems on my channel. I know these sorts of problems take a long time to be fixed.

Again i'm sorry. There is nothing I can do to accelerate a fix on my busted youtube channel. I suspect there are many other channels who are having the same chronic problems I am having. The google groups (forums) tend to be totally useless in resolving these sorts of problems, yep been there done that and wasted heaps of time there in the past.

Those claiming I am sick and dying are wrong to do so. I'm not suffering from AIDS or have Cancer, I have lost weight due to my amazing McDonalds diet. Sadly the McDonlads diet videos have been delayed due to my broken youtube channel. Again sorry, sorry, sorry.

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