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Catapult Chicken Fail Face Slap

311,231 views 1 year ago
FAIL, need a laugh at my expense?..Watch out, those little catapult chicken toys are dangerous..! Now I have a nasty black eye in what I class as a self prank....priceless! I don't normally do comedy, blame the chicken.

Threw in a slowmo as well so you can enjoy the pain.

You must have written permission from me to use any part of this video, that's the rules.

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Surprise Eggs & Surprise Toys Play

All children love Surprise Eggs, amazing chocolate and candy which have a toy surprise inside. Kinder Surprise is possibly the best known of these styles of products. You can make your own Surprise Eggs using Play Doh and some small toys.

Toy Reviews & Modifications Play

Not just a simple toy reviews I often go in and show how to modify and mashup popular toys, I also point out any important issues which may affect the playing ability in interconnection of the toys.

I also like to modify simple candy toys to make small useful everyday items.

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I have a keen interest in knock off FAIL toys and collect them. The strange artwork and designs are always entertaining.

These toys can often be quite dangerous and do not comply to the safety requirements which licensed toys adhere to.

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The ultimate hobby in my books is getting to know a jet engine, believe me they cast a spell over you. Second comes playing with models rockets and the hunt for the most powerful motor to launch your rockets.
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