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Sustainable travel - developing a travel plan Play

Congestion has increased significantly over the past twenty years and with it has come an increase in pollution and growing concerns about the contribution that transport makes to climate change. Businesses and organisations are now being encouraged to consider their own impact on climate change and a Travel Plan can be a very positive way for a company to improve its environmental performance.

County Councillors Play

Ever thought of becoming a county councillor? If you are interested in helping your local community and would like to influence the way issues are dealt with in your area then being a county councillor is a great way to do this.

Being a county councillor is a privileged position which allows you to make a real difference to people's daily lives. On Thursday 2 May 2013, Lancashire voters will go to the polls to choose their representative on the county council.

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Alcohol Misuse Play

The effects of alcohol on young people are not the same as they are on adults. While alcohol misuse can present health risks and cause careless behaviour in all age groups, it is even more dangerous for young people.

Because young people's bodies are still growing, alcohol can interfere with their development. This makes young people particularly vulnerable to the long-term damage caused by alcohol. Research also suggests that drinking alcohol in adolescence can harm the development of the brain.

Drinking alcohol lowers people's inhibitions, and makes them more likely to do things they would otherwise not do. Young people are particularly at risk because, at their stage of life, they are still testing the boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour.

One in five girls (and one in ten boys) aged 14 to 15 goes further than they wanted to in a sexual experience after drinking alcohol. In the most serious cases, alcohol could lead to them becoming the victim of a sexual assault.

Talking to your children about alcohol can help educate them about the potential consequences of drinking and keep them safe. The important thing is not to leave it too late. The earlier you start talking to your children about alcohol, the better. Then you can keep the conversation going as they grow older and their experiences change.

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