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Kalup Linzy

Melody Set Me Free 4.0 "We KiKi" (2014)

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a special one episode 4th season of the web series Melody Set Me Free. written, directed, and edited by Kalup Linzy. Starring Kalup Linzy, Macaulay Culkin and The Pizza Underground.

KK Queen (Linzy) interviews a music producer (Culkin), who is trying to convince her to sign both him and his group We KiKi (The Pizza Underground) to her label. Show less
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Melody Set Me Free (2010-2012) Season 1-3 Play

The web series by Kalup Linzy based on the 2007 video art film of the same title. Set in a record label ran by dame diva KK Queen (played by Linzy), Patience O'brien (also played by Linzy) continues her journey of being in love and singing. However, she soon realizes it is not the dream she dreamt.
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