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Kicesie's Sex Ed

Wet Girls Lubed Up

375,532 views 1 year ago

Typical water balloon and gun fight, exchange water for WET lube! The slippery, sexy, crazy good times ensue!

A special thanks to Trigg Labs for providing the gallons of lube, bouncy house, and experience of a lifetime.

Please check them out at http://www.StaysWetLonger.com and give them some love! Show less
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Basic Sex Ed Play

Here are videos for the basics. This series is appropriate for 12 and up. Knowledge is power.... know what you're getting yourself into before you're there.
(If you're 13 {in most places, other places it's 14} or under you need your parent's permission due to the internet laws)

My Top Videos Play

This is a list of my most popular videos with a couple of my favorite videos thrown in.

My Vlog Play

Here are videos where I don't necessarily cover sexual topics.... you can find more like these on youtube.com/kicesiesvlog

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