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Ken James

R.E.M. Live from the Raleigh Underground COMPLETE SHOW, 10 Oct 1982

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Since this isn't a master or even an early-gen recording, analog a/v imperfections are present. Well, they're more than present; they're fucking everywhere, but I've made no alterations to the source, aside from encoding without interlacing.

Live from the Pier, once located in the Village Subway in the legendary and now sadly abandoned Raleigh Underground. Less than two months earlier the band released their first EP, CHRONIC TOWN (I.R.S. Records, 24 Aug 1982).

This is the earliest known professionally shot video of a live R.E.M. gig.

Stipe - v
Buck - g
Mills - b
Berry - d
Mitch Easter - g on 1,000,000


1. Wolves, Lower (CHRONIC TOWN)

2. Laughing (MURMUR)

3. 1,000,000 (CHRONIC TOWN) - Note: Mitch Easter, who produced CHRONIC TOWN as well as the band's first two LPs, MURMUR and RECKONING (with Don Dixon), joins the band on guitar.

4. Moral Kiosk (MURMUR)

5. Catapult (MURMUR)

6. West of the Fields (MURMUR)

7. Radio Free Europe (MURMUR)

8. Ages of You - Note: Originally intended for CHRONIC TOWN, replaced by "Wolves, Lower" at the request of Miles Copeland.

9. We Walk (MURMUR)

10. Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars) (CHRONIC TOWN)

11. Skank

Source: local cable broadcast from 1982. Show less
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Echo & The Bunnymen, Zeche Bochum, 5 Mar 83 Play

Echo & The Bunnymen - Going Up - 5 Mar 83 (1 of 18)

Zeche Bochum
5 MAR 1983


Ian McCulloch: voc, g
Will Sergeant: g
Les Pattinson: b
Pete De Freitas: d


01 Going Up
02 With A Hip
03 Gods Will Be Gods
04 Show Of Strength
05 Zimbo
06 The Cutter
07 Rescue
08 My White Devil
09 Porcupine
10 Crocodiles
11 All That Jazz
12 Back Of Love
13 Heads Will Roll
14 Heaven Up Here
15 Over The Wall
16 Do It Clean
17 Villiers Terrace
18 No Dark Things

U2, Lorelei, 20 Aug 83 Play

Lorelei, about 400 feet above the eastern bank of the Rhine, near St. Goarshausen, Germany. Filmed six months after the release of U2's third LP, WAR, on February 28, 1983.

Beautifully filmed by at least a half dozen cameras.

Of interest: All songs are from U2's first three LPs. The band performed six of the ten songs on WAR, six of the eleven songs on BOY, and only one song (Gloria) from OCTOBER.


Bono (Paul Hewson) -v
The Edge (Dave Evans) - g, k
Adam Clayton - b
Larry Mullen, Jr. - d


Out of Control
An Cat Dubh
Into The Heart
Two Hearts Beat as One
Sunday Bloody Sunday
The Electric Co.

Encore I:

New Years Day

Encore II:

I Will Follow

U2, 30 May 83 Play

California, May 30, 1983


I Threw A Brick
A Day Without Me (Dear Prudence)
Bono Talk
An Cat Dubh
Into The Heart
New Year's Day
Two Hearts Beat As One
Sunday Bloody Sunday (Let's Twist Again)
The Cry - Electric Co.


I Will Follow

Echo & The Bunnymen, London, 18 July 83 Play

Running Time: 54:15

I watch this show from beginning to end on DVD and it seems like some sort of miracle of controlled mayhem. Never fails to make my pulse quicken. The band was in f****ing top form, and the energy level was at fever pitch from the first notes of "Going Up"...catch that smile between Ian and Les, right before Ian begins the first verse... this is Echo at their absolute best.

In all honesty, is there anything more tight than Les and Pete . . . locked and loaded?


Ian McCulloch - voc, guitar
Will Sergeant - lead guitar
Les Pattinson - bass
Pete de Freitas (R.I.P.) - drums

Set List:

01. Going Up
02. With A Hip
03. All That Jazz
04. All My Colours (Zimbo)
05. Silver
06. The Cutter
07. The Killing Moon
08. Rescue
09. Never Stop
10. Over The Wall


11. Crocodiles
12. Do It Clean
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