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"Masquerade" - Snow Flake ( Rap God ) *Music Video* - Song available on iTunes

24,585 views 3 years ago
"MASQUERADE" on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/BuySNOWF...
(Link takes you to iTunes store Directly)

HiT up Snow Flake's Fan Line @ # 701-850-5908 (North Dakota)

Snow Flake - "In The Eye Of The Blizzard (A Lesson In Sex)"
Album Features, "Masquerade" "Boom Boom Kitty Lick" "Greek Girls" "White XxX-Mas" "Jesus Walks (Away From Kanye)" and "My First Gangsta Rap Song" is also available on many MP3 Distributors beside iTunes, So search yours today!

Buy The Hard Copy CD and MP3s via PayPal 2 http://www.MattoosProductio...

Snow Flake:
We goin' to a Masquerade girl, jeah it's time to invade like the first brigade
I'm locked, stocked & cocked, cock hard as a rock, your vagina is about to git SHELL SHOCKED
Put my mask on, no questions asked. Imma get all up in that ass
Pull your tities out like two cities, drive through with sex express easy pass
12 inch erection, like a meat injection, before connection, undergo inspection
syphilis infection? won't be a part of your penicillin intervention.
Spread your legs, I got no intent to fertilize your eggs.
My testes just wanna test your limits, my cock mimics a carnival circus freak show sized penis... No Gimmicks..

A Masquerade (PULL OUT MAH JUNK)
A Masquerade (UP IN YA TRUNK)
A Masquerade (I BRING THA FUNK)

Double White Diamond:
Alright girl, it's time to throw down.. Fellate mah cock or get out of town
when I bust I don't bust a nut, I bust a lake, swallow my blueprint, don't hit the break
Your mouth be movin' it's motion, you drink it like a love potion, causin' clitoral commotion,
you drownin' in mah sex ocean
Slurp a pint, i'll give you a prize, a bottle of water with a burger and fries.....
OH.... Did i mention, the burger is my cock again, and the fries are my fingers that'll take you to zen
Double Whtie Diamond, girls do what he says like Simon, Pick up artists are resigning
cause once I walk into the room, the pussy goes

A Masquerade (PULL OUT MAH JUNK)
A Masquerade (UP IN YA TRUNK)
A Masquerade (I BRING THA FUNK)

Snow Flake:
Her eyes lock with the one eyed monster, bigger than Fenway Green
You haven't seen the way I THRUST, I LUST, I BUST, it creates a FUSS
Girls line up sayin "what's up?" i say it straight, wanna mutually masturbate?
Then orally elaborate, loins collaborate, put that pussy, on mah plate..
Spread her cheeks, knees get weak.. hump so hard she can hardly speak
fair warning, your pussy's about to pay.. Stay, Play, Flake fucks 24 hours a day
Open the shades and let everybody see me "B" my "L" all over your "T's"
Hit so hard I cause comas. Girls in ecstasy from my seminal aromas

A Masquerade (PULL OUT MAH JUNK)
A Masquerade (UP IN YA TRUNK)
A Masquerade (I BRING THA FUNK)


Message from Snow Flake: Yerrrrrrr Biggg Daddddyyy!!! Whats up dawggy, I know you missed the Rap God, but i feelin it too B' ... cause i missed all my dawggys and Hoes. This video invites you in to my Mansion to git a glimpse of mah Masquerade party....... let you feel what The Flakes life is all about yo' ...Now you kno dawgggggy! Keep supportin ya boy on the Radio stations... Floodin them wit requests like u been doin... jeahhhh.... we puttin these motha fukas in the Blizzard non-stop son .... and no plow can save them ...
Pull out yo' junk and git ya party started!!!

Word up!

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