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GrEEN Zilla


367 views 3 months ago
Dodgin planez cuz Im that high mane, radioactive brain got me half insane half awake and half still not givin a fuck: The game plan is like that little doll Chuck. Wit the knifez, killin whitez, makin dayz split half right, and half into night. Chemically balanced, inertia and raw talent Im a talon in the claws of god and the barrelz already sawed, dripping Cesium 137 emitting radiocaesium, a radioactive isotope. Catagory: Heavy fission, makes mothafuckaz livid. entering your chakras like smog emissions. Holding glory each time I exhale another story. Saturated green synapstes stay sane. Adjust the slider on my stereo brain, wax and wane, like a moon I observe populations and guage. Your mentality pales to mine, fighing waves of gravity with each turn of the page. You cant put a finger on me Im invisible like DESTINY. Come get a little Ill break u off something, Itll be more than you ask for I got that comfort. A new breeze takin over things like the stereo waves at god speed. And you never seen it comin, so you never had a chance to run and,...

Im Like a black box in air plane, Im fallin down and bounce off the ground. You can only see what you wanna believe everything else is make believe. Synapses in your brain get a new stain every day every wave. Our vision creates our reality and as soon as we alter that its instant fallacy. Reality is the only nourishment, and over time mothafuckaz will get it. Unless they get confliction, and then eventually call it addiction. Shot out of a cannon, makin shit happen, I cannot see everything else when I get into this rappin, take me into a new place wearin a new face a new haze a new mental capability. Shinnin like a new BUGATTI, I got the cleanest look: THAT YOU NOT ME! Mothafuckaz wanna try me, but its like fighting an army with a single saudi. Chemically balanced, raw talent, Im a talon in the claws of god. My barrels already sawed its still dripping and if you wanna get a little come get a little COME GET ME. Saturate your face, And your brain, slider on your stereo will go another way, Mentally pale in comparison to me, so get the fuck back before I show you G.

Yeah, illicit, GrEENZILLA. 2k14 productions,
Like a heart-valve malfunction.
I'm enterin ya inter-lung linin'

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1st album by GZ. Broad look at conspiracies and corruptions in society today. The BIRTH OF MODERN GZ
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