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Obama: "You didn't build that...business" Long enough version in context: Doctrine

2,683 views 1 year ago
Obama says that you didn't build your own success or business, that the government had a lot to do with it. You think that you built your haircutting business, but "you didn't do that". If not for the roads outside of your business, how would the people get there to have their hair cut? You didn't build that!

Now I do realize that there were people cutting hair, and doing other business, long before governments were building roads, but that is not the point. The point is that.....I don't know what his point was. I guess he just slipped up and his Commie side slipped out.

Anyway, I had this video ready to go right after he did it, but I was too busy working at my business that the government built to have time to upload it. But now I've decided that I want this "just long enough version" on my channel so that those who visit can hear the insanity of the left. I know this version is a little bit too long for some, but I had to put it in full context, so that the average American could get more out of it.
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