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    Doepfer A-111 FM Carillon

    • 3 weeks ago
    Not a song! This is meant to demonstrate the FM capabilities of the Doepfer A-111 VCO (linear FM).
    No filter used.
    Additional modules used:
    A-143-9 Sine VCO/LFO used as modulating VCO, the A-111s ...
  • analog synthesizer sounds and beats by Jakob

    big synth clash

    • 9 months ago
    Some of my analogue synthesizers in action. Especially the more recent additions like Macbeth Micromac (bass), Korg MS20 mini (some fx sounds) or Studio Electronics Code (sweepy and growly pads). O...
  • Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer "official" Produktvideo

    All sounds in this demo were taken from the beta-version of the brandnew Waldorf Rocket synthesizer using multitrack software and some FX such as reverb, delay, chorus, phaser...

    DE (ENG below)
  • Barberpole Moon

    4ms Peg VcaMatrix RCD
    Alesis Metavox
    Analogue Systems RS 100 RS 110 RS 360
    ARP Odyssey 2821 & 2811
    Boss SL 20
    Buchla System # 1
    Doepfer A 143-9 A 134 pan by Moog MP 201
    Flame Chord Mach...
  • Korg MS-20 MINI Audio Line Level Recording by INHALT

    At Winter NAMM 2013 we were very privileged to have the opportunity to play the new Korg MS-20 MINI. We use an original Korg MS-20 with the Korg 35 filters and were very pleasantly surprised just h...
  • Hi - thanks for your interest. The sound you are refering to comes from the Telemark. If you pause the video at exactly 2:51 you have a snap of the Telemark and the sound programming including patch. If you you tweak and patch your Telemark accordingly you should get a close enough sound. Hope this helps.

    Analogue Solutions Leipzig-s

    • 2 years ago
    Analogue Solutions new synth: the Leipzig-s.
    A very beefy analogue sound engine with a very unique edge, more on the rougher sound side. I've grown a soft spot for AS synthesizers eversince I got...
  • thank you for explaining it so well. I spoke with Dieter Doepfer at Frankfurt Musik Messe in 2011 about this module where he showed the prototype. He said that if I owned the A-143-1, there would be no need for the A-142-4 - So I never looked at it any further ... until now :-)


    basic demo of the Doepfer A142.4 Quad Decay generator

    and DIY breakout expander
  • thanks so much.

    analogue synthesizer sounds and beats

    • 1 year ago
    Moog Voyager: Sync'ed and fm'ed sound at beginning plus lead further on; DSI Prophet 08 lead and beefy sweep sound; Doepfer A-100 sequenced sounds and deep beefy ones (A-105 SSM filter) plus sync'e...
  • Formalin XoxBox MK2 Absolut Acid Session

    Absolut Acid Baby! Formalin introducing the new XoxBox MK2...
  • Modular synth patch in the dark

    Modular synth patch

    drum fill by Make noise Phonogene
    Bas - Doepfer A-111-5
    melody - Doepfer A-111-5
    delay doepfer A-112 with feedback thru A-138m
    drums - Analogue Solutions BD88, SD88 and HH88...
  • new x-series 1.mpg

    This is first short intro vid for the new Macbeth X-Series Modules in 3U- more to follow- but I like the slightly heavy feel to this! You are basically listening to one oscillator triggering two du...
  • Doepfer A167 Basics

    Description of the Basic Features of the Doepfer A167 Comparator. Sound and Audio by Raul Pena. Sound Demonstration begins in next segment.
  • what do you want to know? I like the very 'in-your-face' bass and low end sounds. Which is what you find in the presets and what is was made for. It can do other very good sounds but those are comparatively tricky to do cause of the menu i.e. FM, PWM, LFO sync, Noise, even the Mixers. So if you're into tweaking sounds, wish to have CV Inputs, need a sound creating tool - it's not for you. If you need lots of very high end analog bass sounds, not much tweaking - it's one of the best out there.

    Doepfer A-100 does TB303

    • 2 years ago
    Legendary Bass Synth Roland TB303 has many clones trying to create that unique gnarly modulated bass sound made popular by techno, house and similar dance music styles.
    Doepfer also created module...
  • micromac-d with touch arpeggio and seq with NEXUS

    Here's an experiment that I did. I replaced one octave of touch keys that I'm working on on an old scrap SH101.....it works perfectly!....my next shot is to give the scrapper SH101 a full three oct...
  • Love this ... 'cause I've been adding the sub on my TM v1.0 by means of an Audio Divider module and also use a module for Ring Modulation from my modular system achieving pretty much what you get here and the best part is: I get to keep the mults :-) However I agree, without having the benefit of a modular system the TM v2.0 additions are a huge sonic advantage.

    Analogue Solutions Telemark Synthesizer V2.0 + Eurorack AS Spring Reverb Module

    Take it up a notch! http://tinyurl.com/lctm7ra

    SUB frequencies = headphones required...

    Here's a first look at the Analogue Solutions Telemark V2.0 synthesizer. The new release features the addi...
  • good demo. I have a A-196 in my modular racks too and after a few discouraging first tweakings I too let it rest giving it no attention. Only recently I re-discovered it and woke this sleeping beauty :-) ...

    A196 demo

    umm. again a simple Doepfer demo of a very complex module
  • it's like asking a mother to choose between her children ... :-p however, if you asked me to choose between either of them and my modular system - the answer would be easy ;-)

    Cwejman S1 MK2 bass demo.wmv

    • 3 years ago
    This clip is meant to show off the outstanding sound quality of my new analog Cwejman synthesizer. It seems very hard to make a poor sounding sound with dream synthesizer. I spiced it with some bea...
  • is the filter on the ARP pre (=Moog-style) or post lawsuit (=own circuit development)? I'm currently looking for an ARP style filter to add to my modular (like STG post lawsuit LPF). Looking forward to your SOS release with Tom. Cheers.

    "Ode to the 2600" song featuring ARP 2600 (x2) and Analogue Solutions Oberkorn (x2)

    Take it up a notch! http://tinyurl.com/lctm7ra

    Here's a demo song featuring a soundscape entirely from the ARP 2600 (x 2)! All sounds, fx and drum patterns in the track were sequenced exclusively...
  • Hi, interessanter Beitrag - danke dafür. Ich durchforste derzeit den Markt nach einem Wavetable Oszillator für mein A-100 System. Ich bin auf MOTM E350 aufmerksam geworden, aber auch Harvestman's Piston Honda. Habe mir auch Doepfer's A-112 angeschaut, was wesentlich günstiger ist als die anderen, bin aber nicht sicher, ob es da mithalten kann. Da Du die beiden erst genannten hast, wäre es möglich, die beiden mal kurz für mich zu vergleichen? Gruß aus Köln.

    Analog Modular Tutorial Part 6 - Wavetable & Noise

    Workshop über analoge Modularsysteme - Part 6 - Wavetable & Noise
  • Demonstration of the Moog Minimoog

    This is a portion of a discussion concerning how great the Moog Minimoog is. Basically a very small demonstration of a fraction of the sounds and capabilities of the Moog Minimoog... perhaps the m...
  • thanx :-)

    Telemark meets Doepfer

    • 3 years ago
    This is a song made with my very new synthesizer Telemark by Analogue Solutions. It's semi-modular and thus goes very well with my other modular and semi-modular stuff. The intro sound is done wit...
  • very good .... I too love my combination of Telemark and Oberkorn. If I may add: connecting the T2 socket with the positioning sockets b0 to b3 on Oberkorn provides nice rythmic variation should you not know already :-) cheers.

    telemark oberkorn minimalfun

    live jam with analogue solutions Telemark & Oberkorn
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