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The Finnisher Trailer (48 Hour Film Project 2014)

1,127 views 3 weeks ago
A Finnish investigator runs from trouble and into the arms of a sweet, but incompetent accomplice.

July 15, 2014 6:30pm. Screening Group A.
Buy your tickets at: https://sd48hfp.ticketbud.c...

Genre: Fish out of Water
Starring: Jessica Wolff and Fernando Jay Huerto
Directed by: Fernando Jay Huerto

Trailer music: "Trophy Girl" by Jessica Wolff
Buy it and her album, Renegade, on iTunes.

Jessica's youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/jess... Show less
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Battle Hero Absolute Play

Inspired by the Japanese Superhero show Kamen Rider, Battle Hero Absolute is about college student, Jay, who fights a human replicating alien species called the Clarion. Using the only Earth armor capable of identifying and fighting the stealth menace, he is called upon to be the protector of the human race as Battle Hero. All while juggling his college studies and his relationships with his girlfriend Jan and his best friend Sunny who moonlights as the 2nd Battle Hero. Both of whom have a peculiar fascination with the local superhero.
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