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Invisible People

Mark Horvath and Invisible People Fighting Homelessness

6,780 views 10 months ago
Since its launch in November 2008, Invisible People has leveraged the power of video and the massive reach of social media to share the compelling, gritty, and unfiltered stories of homeless people from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. The vlog (video blog) gets up close and personal with veterans, mothers, children, layoff victims and others who have been forced onto the streets by a variety of circumstances. Each week, they're on Invisible People and high traffic sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, proving to a global audience that while they may often be ignored, they are far from invisible.

Invisible People goes beyond the rhetoric, statistics, political debates, and limitations of social services to examine poverty in America via a medium that audiences of all ages can understand, and can't ignore. The vlog puts into context one of our nation's most troubling and prevalent issues through personal stories captured by the lens of Mark Horvath - its founder - and brings into focus the pain, hardship and hopelessness that millions face each day. One story at a time, videos posted on Invisible People shatter the stereotypes of America's homeless, force shifts in perception and deliver a call to action that is being answered by national brands, nonprofit organizations and everyday citizens now committed to opening their eyes and their hearts to those too often forgotten.

This short video is the trailer of @home, a documentary that tells the story of modern U.S. homelessness and one man's fierce commitment to end it. Mark Horvath and Invisible People travel around North America using social media to fight homelessness.

Click here to see more video previews from @home http://www.youtube.com/play...

Kindling Group is the production team behind the @home documentary, following the work of homelessness activist Mark Horvath (aka @hardlynormal), and to produce a smartphone game for change that you can play in your community. For more information visit http://www.athomedocumentar... Show less
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    I met Ron in Columbus, Ohio. He has lived on the streets for 4 years. Ron relocated from Orlando for family and then found himself in trouble. After doing some prison time, Ron says when he got ou...
  • Tammy

    • 1 week ago
    Tammy has been "jumped" twice by kids and adults going on a rampage setting fires and abusing homeless people, but that's not the least of her worries. She has lived in the tent you see behind her ...
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    • 2 weeks ago
    Sex offenders are at increased risk for committing another sex offense if they are homeless.

    If you get nothing else from this interview with David, please remember that first sentence! Some peop...
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    Many of you know me as a follower of Jesus and those of you that have been paying attention also know me as a "straight ally". To me, I actually believe both of those descriptions of me are connect...
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    When I met Patrick he was living in a van with his wife and dog. They went from a 4-bedroom house to mobile homelessness, and at the time of this interview they were living in Safe Parking program...
  • Mark Horvath and Alan Graham on Community First and Tiny Houses

    • 1 month ago
    This actually is a hard post to start because there is so much to say about Alan Graham and his amazing work helping our homeless friends. Back in July of 2009, Alan was partly responsible for talk...

2013 Sevenly and Virgin Mobile Homeless Youth Road Trip Play

This Invisible People road trip is made possible by Sevenly and Virgin Mobile USA, who are partnering to end youth homelessness through Virgin Mobile USA's initiative, RE*Generation. For more information please visit: http://invppl.tv/regen
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