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Dengue: turning up the volume on a silent disaster

1,203 views 2 weeks ago
To know more: http://ifrc.org/dengue
Over the past 50 years, dengue has spread from nine to over a hundred countries, making it the most rapidly spreading vector-borne disease. The cases have risen from 15,000 per year in the 1960s to 390 million today. Over 40 per cent of the world's population is at risk from dengue. The overall disease burden varies from region to region, with Asia-Pacific housing 75 per cent of those at risk. The situation is further amplified due to the high associated costs, which can be twice or even three times as much as the average monthly income of a person. The economic burden of the disease erodes the resilience of those affected due to a combination of loss of income, decrease in productivity and the additional costs incurred due to medical expenses. Yet, dengue continues to have a low profile among policy-makers and donors and does not receive the media attention it deserves.

To end the silent suffering of individuals, families, children and communities who continue to bear the burden of this preventable disease, the facts about dengue and methods to contain and reduce it must be brought into the open. To do so the IFRC is turning up the volume on this silent disaster and advocates for a shift in approach from responding to isolated outbreaks of dengue to investing in long-term, integrated programming including community initiatives leading to sustainable behavioural change. This will contribute to preventing dengue-related deaths and reduce its economic burden on already vulnerable populations. Show less
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