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Houdini 3D

Houdini Demo Reel 2013

44,185 views 1 year ago
Side Effects Software is proud to release the 2013 Demo Reel featuring the work of Houdini customers worldwide. From "Life of Pi" by Rhythm and Hues, to "Halo 4 Spartan Ops" by Axis, the shots in this reel are a small sampling of all the amazing work created by the Houdini community of artists. It was a busy year and a great deal of hard work and dedication has gone into every frame. Congratulations to all the artists and studios responsible for these fantastic shots! Show less
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Here are 10 of the cool new features you will find in Houdini 10.

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These are trailers for movies that use Houdini for their visual effects. There is a full list of movies at the sidefx website under the Company menu.

Houdini Fluids Play

The following videos demonstrate Houdini's fluid dynamics. The videos are collected from a variety of pieces published by the community.

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