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UX Marketplace: It's Like Magic!

1,322 views 6 months ago
Go to http://www.uxmarketplace.com, to see if there's any UX knowledge you can use to avoid starting from scratch or read a Whitepaper from our CEO on object-oriented design: http://www.humanfactors.com... Show less
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Institutionalization of UX: A Step-by-Step Guide to a UX Practice with Eric Schaffer and Apala Lahiri Play

Meet the Authors - A Conversation - Learn more at http://www.uxpractice.com
In-depth interview with HFI Founder & CEO, Dr. Eric Schaffer and co-author Apala Lahiri, HFI Global Head of Technical Staff. They discuss:

Segment 1:
• Industry changes that sparked this new edition
• Emerging trends in global markets, including localization and UX process management
Segment 2:
• The ROI and business case for mature UX
• What it means to run a mature UX operation
Segment 3:
• Certifying organizations for UX maturity
• Future trends and the evolution of UX
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