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William Newbold

VTS_01_1 video 1000 upload

303 views 1 year ago
np-william victor newbold
this is sick I tweeked the eyecandy .. till it went all digital on me ahhhhhahahahah had to rest the machine after the end of the record.. I devoted a whole dvd... an hour on a six hour video that now is just a one hour vidoe... nothing else there. nowhere. mmmeeehhh

the reason for the vidoe freak was that I had a mismatch in harmonic video frequencies meaning after an hour it was "out of sync" with the image, any image and had to get restarted but it is all good and sickish some. ;) at the eleven min mark.. and going. I am watching a copy of this video after the making of it really intense work..eights Show less
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this is the playlist that plays for days.. :)
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