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GrizzlyGroundswell Chad T. Everson

Welcome to Grizzly Groundswell YouTube Channel Aug 2013

608 views 11 months ago
Grizzly Groundswell YouTube Channel is all about one man's quest to hunt relic and treasure in his Grizzly Backyard. Join Chad T. Everson in each video to get your relic and treasure hunting fix, learn something new or just escape from your world into mine even if it is just for the length of the video. We are closing in on 1000 videos here in our YouTube Channel video Catalog so jump deep into our archives and enjoy the growth of the relic and treasure hunter documented almost from day 1.

Chad T. Everson hunts relic and treasure in his dream fulfilled homestead's grizzly backyard. He shares his hunts with you to help you with your relic and treasure hunter fix and to help those that wish to get started in the relic and treasure addiction.

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Don't hesitate to comment and Like the videos, share them with friends and family and let me know how your doing hunting relic and treasure in your own grizzly backyard. If you have some insight on a new way of doing something, let me know! This is how we all learn and grow! Show less
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Grizzly Arsenal Play

Always be Prepared! I run across many great tools watching other great relic and treasure hunters here on YouTube. When faced with the next sites challenge I innovate and attempt to find solutions to over come them. I share my Grizzly Arsenal with you here. Please add your comments and suggestions on new additions to the Grizzly Arsenal.

One Room School House, Sherburne Cty Dist. NO. 27 Play

This was on my top 3 locations to hunt and I was fortunate to be given permission by Mr. Huffman to hunt this historic local one room school house. It took a lot of work, but I found the relic and treasures that embody this great historic site and tell its story.
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