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Healing Stories Play

This playlist has inspiring stories of "miraculous" physical healing.Discussion about healing in relationships and public content from youtube of relevance.

ho'oponopono Dr Hew Len Play

Dr Hew Len speaks about this life changing process. Our job is to clear the unconsciousness content that can be running our life so that we can be free.

John Croft & Dragon Dreaming Play

John's work is about supporting communities to realize their objective of self sufficiency. Dragon Dreaming has a powerful vision and proven track record to make the world a better place.

4 Videos by this producer, "gr8light" and many by other producers. Additional content in the playlist is congruent with these ideas. If you know of other youtube videos related but not included in this list, please drop a line and tell me about them. Do support John Croft, attend a Dragon Dreaming workshop and get involved in your own community projects.
Thanks for watching, Rita

Gregg Braden, Marci Shimoff, Howard Martin & D. Rozman at Heartmath Event Play

Filmed at a Heartmath event in Santa Cruz California in 2009. Greg Braden and Marci Shimoff were among an excellent line up. Also included here are short segments with Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman from Heartmath. Sorry for the poor light, beyond my control. These are older footage but the content remains relevant.

Dr Judith Orloff Play

Talking in Santa Cruz, Ca., about her New York Times Best Selling book "Emotional Freedom"

Sexual Abuse of Boys Play

Interviews following the release of the documentary "Boyhood Shadows"
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