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Alarm Track Get up Gimme Go - Funky Laser Music Video Track

722 views 9 months ago
Source : http://dscript.org/laser-mu...
This is a great track fro alarm clock music, wakes you up nice and slow and gets you moving. The laser background comes from a music laser show i built myself.

I made the track by mixing some creative commons music, it is the music is free to use as long as it is not for commercial use. commercial use still requires permission in most cases.

It Is the Hour (Get Up) by snowflake Featuring: Calling Sister Midnight, spinmeister
Groovenator Rex by spinningmerkaba Featuring: Sackjo22, Alex Beroza, Admiral Bob, unreal_dm, CSoul, Jeris
L.T.H. (AA's Refix) by Abstract Audio Featuring: Alex Beroza Michael Burnz Show less
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Disoriented DIY Play

This is a collection of some of my favourite documented experiments and DIY inventions. I love turning trash into treasure, if only briefly before it ends up becoming trash again.

I try to "hack idea and concepts" at the most base and fundamental possible level. I like to think my inventions reflect that. Kinda like a "making nature sing and dance" with an "old school analogue reborn" feeling.

Music Mix Mania Play

Some mixes I made myself. largely electro with some funky and weird bits. Just started using Audacity when I made this list, so forgive any bad mixing in the first couple, the first few may not be mixed as well as I like, not very good at this yet, getting better slowly.
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