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The Fergies

The Fergies - Catching Fire - Acoustic

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Catching Fire
By The Fergies

Let 'em burn, burn, burn
Let 'em burn, burn, burn

Singing oh, the flames are gettin' higher
Oh, these walls are Catching Fire
Oh, the flames are gettin' higher
Oh, these walls are Catching Fire

Verse 1
Smack bang in the middle of we and our wits
The poor are gettin' poorer and the rich are gettin' richer
I'm the sister of a soldier, daughter of a ghost
With a mind for a findin' who the enemy is
Feelin' of a changin' hangin' in the wind
Like a black smoke the people are risin'
You better be runnin' 'cause we're comin' like a bull at a gate
We've been a broken and a beat into a better shape


Verse 2
For many a year we bowed to your throne
Served on a platter, Our blood and bone
Workin' double time, Earnin' half the dime
Born and bred in the arms o' tryin' times, o' blood and wine
Put a bullet to the brain o' dividin' lines - hey!
To every storm there's a season, a reason
Best believe we're fightin' for freedom
Dead men walkin' the streets, Oh Lord!
You better run son, You better run run
You better run son, You better run run


Middle 8
So let 'em burn, burn, burn
For every son and daughter, Every mother and father
Let 'em burn, burn, burn
For every odd that never rolled out in our favour


This performance is 100% live apart from the claps which we recorded with our lovely friends afterwards :)

Hair cuts and colour by Bang Bang Hair: http://www.facebook.com/ban... Show less
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