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FPL - Grabbing Florida's sunshine, passing it on to you

2,543 views 4 months ago
What if you could grab the sun and pass its energy on to others? That's what we do here at FPL. At our three solar energy centers throughout Florida, we grab the sun, turn it into electricity and pass it on to you. We're also finding ways to make the most of Florida's sunshine through research and investments in solar projects across our state. In fact, more than 100 schools and educational facilities will be using and learning about solar energy by the end of 2014. Learn how FPL is changing the current with solar energy: FPL.com/solar Show less
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FPL Tweet Tip Play

Did you know dimmer switches could extend the life of your bulb? Or that you can save money just by turning your ceiling fans off for a few hours a day? Those facts and more are what we cover in our new, interactive Twitter segment called FPL Tweet Tip. Emily Pantelides will guide you through some neat facts and figures. Watch a few of our tips here and follow us on Twitter @insideFPL #FPLTweetTip https://twitter.com/insidefpl
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