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ForestandBird NZ

Fairy Tern Project

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Forest & Bird is working to create an alternative breeding site for our critically endangered New Zealand Fairy Tern on the Kaipara harbour. They once nested right around the North island, however now it has only four breeding sites in Northland -- all of which lie adjacent to large coastal developments. Predation by cats, ferrets and stoats during the breeding season has worsened their population outlook, and although many of the sites have pest control, it's people that remain their biggest threat. Recently we received an ASB community trust grant to establish this alternative breeding site on the Kaipara Harbour and over the next three years, we will create a suitable shell-bank and conduct weeding and pest control in the area to lure breeding fairy terns to this spit. Click here for more information about our project, http://www.forestandbird.or... and click here to help Forest & Bird to continue to help fairy tern and develop other conservation projects http://www.forestandbird.or... Show less
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Videos about pest control in New Zealand. We are aiming for a 100% predator free New Zealand. http://www.forestandbird.org.nz/saving-our-environment/threa­ts-and-impacts-/protecting-native-forests-1080 and http://www.forestandbird.org.nz/saving-our-environment/nativ­e-plants-and-animals-/protecting-native-forests-1080

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"New Zealand's prosperity means your prosperity. Should we all stand idly by?"Captain Val Sanderson, founder of Forest & Bird
We rely on your support to protect the wildlife and wild places that make New Zealand an exceptional place. Forest & Bird would like to work with you and all New Zealand communities to protect our environment. Since 1923, Forest & Bird has been a defender of the Kiwi values, lifestyle, natural heritage and economic wealth that all rely so heavily on our climate, clean rivers, fresh air, rich seas, and biodiversity. However, with cuts to DOC's funding, proposals to undermine the Resource Management Act and an economic strategy that backs mining, drilling, and dairy at the cost of our rivers and wetlands, oceans, climate, and conservation lands our environment is under intense pressure and its destruction will undermine any short-term economic gain. We have always been a voice for nature, but we would like you to make a stand with us and together we can ensure that there will always be a strong healthy environment for our kids. Help us help nature, http://www.inournature.org.nz
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