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Alberto Veronese

The Illusion of *Gold Certificate*

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Adherence to the gold standard is part of the 'grand illusion of gold' -- that is a serious error to fail to comprehend the difference between useless metal and real wealth. "The power of gold", Peter L. Bernstein

A 'Gold Certificate' is a physical document resembling a paper bank note that entitles the holder to a specified value of gold... Gold certificates were in general circulation in the United States and used as money from ~1865 to 1933.

The United States government under President Franklin D. Roosevelt made gold certificates, as well as the possession of gold in any other form except jewelry, illegal in 1933 when the U.S. went off the gold standard.

A Brief History of Money
"Father Gold, Mother Money" by Alberto Veronese, Nov, 2012

This video was inspired to me,
after seeing the great work by user/brusspup
"Optical illusions, Science and More"
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