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Facing History and Ourselves

"Any Questions?": How Facing History and Ourselves Works

1,074 views 8 months ago
Our powerful new video helps people understand what we do, how we do it, and the many ways that you can take part.

Share our work with someone new! In just five minutes, "Any Questions?" explains our mission and inspires action: pass it on to friends through email, Facebook, or Twitter:

Great new video from @facinghistory about power of education to create #upstanders: http://bit.ly/1fBEtEz Watch and RT!

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Creating Safe & Engaging Schools Play

Facing History has resources and teaching strategies to help you reduce bullying, foster empathy in the classroom, and create safer schools. www.facinghistory.org/safeschools

Choosing To Participate Play

What can we learn from each other's stories? What is our responsibility to society? Facing History invites you to explore these questions and more with our "Choosing to Participate" resources.

"Choosing to Participate" was created by Facing History as a catalyst for conversation—in the workplace, home and school, among different races, generations, cultures, and faith traditions—about how we treat each other, and what our choices mean. Both a set of resources and a travelling exhibition, "Choosing to Participate" won nationwide praise for encouraging more than 500,000 people to consider the consequences of their everyday choices and to inspire them to make a difference in their schools and communities.

Choose Dialogue. Choose Engagement. Choose Respect. Choose to Participate

To learn more visit choosingtoparticipate.org.

Meet Facing History and Ourselves Play

Get to know Facing History and Ourselves, an organization created in 1976 by educators who believed that instilling intellectual vigor and curiosity goes hand-in-hand with teaching facts and figures. We provide training, professional development, and resources that support the practical needs, and the spirits, of educators worldwide who share the goal of creating a better, more informed, and more thoughtful society.
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