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Extreme Rigs

  • CaseLabs SMA8 vs Corsair 900D

    We take these to uber PC cases head to head in this review as they have very similar functionality and layouts.
  • CaseLabs SMA8

    Long review and walkthrough of the CaseLabs Magnum SMA8 single wide tower PC case for enthusiast and extreme pc builders.

    Apologies for the white balance!
  • CaseLabs S8 Video Review

    The new *ahem* edited version. Thanks to those for pointing out the derp!

    This is a long and thorough review on the CaseLabs S8 case which features a horizontal motherboard and tons of space for ...
  • Interview with Eddy@EKWaterblocks @CES2014

    First off apologies for the background noise, we were in a "quiet" corner of the exhibition halls.

    We talk with Eddy K├Ânig the founder of EK Waterblocks about starting the company, the transitio...
  • Corsair "Rainbow" K90 with New Cherry MX-RGB Switches

    This is a prototype keyboard from Corsair that was shown at the Corsair CES 2014 suite. This is the demo mode they were showing sped up 2x. Each key can be customized individually for lighting, o...
  • XSPC Photon D5 and DDC Tops Unboxing

    Some minor corrections - XSPC do indeed make G1/4 adapters for the top fill port. There will be a version with multiple G 1/4 ports in future. The Dual DDC top is designed to be mounted using the...
  • Yeah I was surprised too, I expected the higher restriction blocks to do a bit better, and I expected Koolance's huge surface area to make a difference too. I did confirm both XSPC and Koolances results with a few more runs but that was as far as I could get before the card deteriorated and the operating point was no longer stable.

    Nvidia Titan/GTX780 Water Block Roundup

    Results from the thermal testing of the Aquacomputer, EK, EVGA, Koolance, Swiftech, Watercool and XSPC water blocks!

    Warning - this is a long one - skip on 12 minutes or so to get to the real resu...
  • Yes - it's an echoey room. A rug would help, we have less echoey rooms, but this has the most light, so I guess it's a trade off. Maybe I should pick up some cheap 500W halogens and just do it in a better room.

    Unboxing Nvidia Titan Waterblocks - AquaComputer, EK, Koolance

    Unboxing the first three water blocks to arrive for the NVidia GTX Titan Water Block Roundup that you can find on my website - www.ExtremeRigs.net, the review hasn't started yet as I'm still waitin...
  • Aqua Computer

    • 29 videos
    Aqua Computer is an innovative German manufacturer of premium liquid cooling solutions for home and business computer systems. All Aqua Computer products are developed and produced in our own faciliti
  • Interesting - I'll have to check this. The actual internals should be the same so that's unexpected. Thanks for the heads up. If it leaks because the center of the QDC is not flush with it's surroundings immediately after taking a pair apart then that can be a sign that there's an issue with the spring and Koolance should replace it :)

    Koolance QDC3/QDC4 Quick Disconnect Preview

    Playing around with the new QDC3/QDC4 Koolance Quick Disconnects for PC water cooling. Plus a size comparison to the VL4N series
  • Yes I should do that, I've been lazy in my video editing, but in future I'll try and incorporate more of the testing results into it :)

    Indigo Xtreme Correct Reflow Procedure on X79 Boards

    This is a remake of the last video I did which I numptied up a bit. For review details on Indigo Xtreme you can visit my website:

  • When I get some progress done haha

    Test Rig for CPU Waterblock Round up

    This is the test setup that I'll be using for my up coming 2012 CPU Waterblock Roundup:

    i7-3930K @4.9GHz, Rampage IV Extreme
    MCP35X2, EK 400 Res, EX560 Radiator with Gentle Typhoon AP16 fans (2150...
  • Pics of the lightport in action can be found on my website which youtube won't let me link here. But there is a link to it in the comments of the video

    Monsoon Free Fittings Roundup

    A roundup of the Monsoon Free line of fittings including compressions, rotaries, coolant temperature sensors, antimicrobial silver bullets and the new light port fittings.

    I was trying some new ca...
  • I haven't done the retest yet, my testing CPU wasn't lapped, just smoothed a bit from so many installs. I don't honestly think it will make a difference but it's worth a try. I would stick with the CPU-380 for now.

    CPU-380 Indigo Xtreme Application Guide

    Longest video ever on how to get a good Indigo Xtreme Reflow on Socket 2011!
  • Hey CigarBoB unfortunately these were recorded a while back with a crappy camera. I'm now using my DSLR which should help a bit. The mic is still somewhat crappy in terms of quality, but if you check the latest vid on the X3 reservoir it's a good bit louder. Down the road I'd like to get a nice external one, but there are other priorities right now :)

    Fractal Design Arc Mini Unboxing and Preview

    An unboxing and preview of the Fractal Design Arc Mini

    For more- www.extremerigs.net

    Follow me at www.facebook.com/extremerigs
  • EK X2/X3 Reservoir Comparison

    A comparison of the newly released EK Water Blocks X3 series reservoir with respect to the older X2 style.

    Now with more volume!

    For more on EK: www.ekwb.com
    Follow me: www.facebook.com/extremerigs
  • Definitely - a better video camera and mic would help too. Sadly we were so limited in time that we couldn't reshoot the videos before we had to return the cases. Hopefully soon :)

    CaseLabs Merlin SM5, SM8 & ST10 Preview

    A preview of CaseLabs latest Merlin computer cases. The SM5 and ST10 are unreleased prototypes while the SM8 has been out for a few months. These cases are top of the line and feature unique desi...
  • Yes - 2x3.5" mounts behind the tray and 2x2.5" mounts behind the tray. If you fit the USB3 and Audio front IO ports then you lose the 2x2.5" mounts, but there is an adapter to fit 2x2.5" into one of the 3.5" mount.

    Caselabs Merlin SM8 Review

    • by OC3D TV
    • 1 year ago
    I take a look at the latest AND smallest case from Case Labs, the Merlin SM8

    Full review link will be added shortly:

    TTL Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tinytomlogan
  • Fractal Design Arc Mini Review

    An review of the mATX Fractal Design Arc Mini computer case.

    For more- www.extremerigs.net

    Follow me at www.facebook.com/extremerigs
  • Unboxing the EVGA NEX 1500 Classified Power Supply

    Unboxing the EVGA NEX 1500 PSU, and a quick side by side with the AX1200!
  • Thanks :) I'll try and make another update soon :)

    Project Thief - Quick Project Update 4/20

    This is a quick update on Project Thief - my monster CaseLabs TX10 build featuring a workstation and gaming rig. The workstation is a 3930K/Rampage IV Extreme, while the gaming rig is a 990x/Rampa...
  • Norco RPC 450 4U Rackmount Case Mini Review

    This is a quick review of the Norco RPC450 which is a budget 4u rack mount case. It supports ATX mATX as well as several server form factors. Construction is solid but rough and many sharp edges ...
  • Unboxing Ivy Bridge and Maximus V Gene

    Unboxing Intel's latest top of the line Ivy Bridge CPU - the i7-3770K as well as Asus ROG mATX board the Maximus V Gene. Oh and some GSkill memory
  • CaseLabs TX10 Review

    This is a review of the CaseLabs TX10 computer case. This is a huge case made for extreme water cooled pc's. The exact model seen here is the TX10-D + Pedestal and comes with various accessories i...
  • How to assemble the CaseLabs TX10 + Pedestal

    How to assemble the CaseLabs TX10 + Pedestal

    For more info on Caselabs go to caselabs.net or to their subforum on overclock.net

    For more info on my build go to www.extremerigs.net
  • - yes the only addons you need for watercooling are the optional radiator mounts. They are not included because there are different options for different radiators. You can follow my build on my website or in many of the enthusiast forums :)

    CaseLabs TX10-D Unboxing Part 1

    This is part 1 of the CaseLabs TX10 unboxing video.

    The TX10 unlike the other CaseLabs cases ships flatpack, this was picked up directly by me from CaseLabs so real packaging for shipping will b...
  • Hey just FYI the CaseLabs STH10 has been released for pre-ordering - shipping begins on jan 23rd and price is $470 although once you include optional extras it may end up a bit more ;) Hope this helps. I can't link the page, but if you google "caselabs sth10 released for preorders" you'll find the right thread

    CaseLabs TX10-D Unboxing Part 2

    This is part 2 of the CaseLabs TX10 unboxing video.

    The TX10 unlike the other CaseLabs cases ships flatpack, this was picked up directly by me from CaseLabs so real packaging for shipping will b...
  • - Hey - Yes I'll be using both trays - one for my linux workstation and one for my gaming rig. I have two seperate x58 rigs right now waiting to go in, and then one will be upgraded to X79 soon. A phase change or water chiller could be made to fit in the bottom pedestal, the limiting factor will be height as the chamber is about 200mm tall so it does depend on the design, but width and depth won't be a problem. There will also be a single motherboard horizontal option coming later

    CaseLabs TX10 - Partially Built

    This is the CaseLabs TX10-D - the ultimate monster computer case that can house two motherboards and buckets of water cooling components. This video is a quickie just showing the case coming toget...
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