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EVO Moments 2014

30,322 views 2 days ago
Every year I look forward to Evo. Once Evo is over -- starting the minute we leave the ballroom and rejoin the world -- the next thing I look forward to is Richard Li's "Moments" videos. We toss around the word "hype" in our community very often, but I think that word barely begins to describe the Evo feeling Li captures in his yearly montage.

It's a feeling that builds up in your chest over the course of the weekend. It starts when you get there a day early to set up because you know Evo needs you to help make it awesome. It builds a little more when you see people you recognize making it up to the front stage setup; and a little more after that when one or two of your sparring partners make it out of pools or clash with a big name.

It continues growing into finals day, as you look around and see more fighting game fans than you've ever seen in your entire life watching the game with you. And it grows even more as you see the best players in the world throwing down -- and breaking down -- just a few feet away from you, drawing upon the crowd for energy and their comrades for support.

You'll know when it peaks, because you won't be able to help but yell and scream and cheer and do the Shoryuken for Ono-san.

That's hype.

Leaving that ballroom is always a little sad, because you know you won't feel this way until you come back next year. But you'll remember a little bit of it each time you watch Li's "Moments".

-- Patrick Miller (@pattheflip)

Video, filmed and edited by Richard Li (@RichhhardLi)
Music by Podington Bear - Cerrado and Tony Anderson - Further up, Further In. Show less
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